Requirements and Objectives




Students are required to purchase the following books. You can find them at the UCSD bookstore. Or click on each title to find it at

Please refer to the schedule of readings and lectures for the specific reading assigned to each class meeting.

ISBN:  0199663831

Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction

by Damien Keown

ISBN: 0791452603

A Buddhist History of the West: Studies in Lack

by David R. Loy

ISBN: 158243638X

The Practice of the Wild

by Gary Snyder

ISBN: 188837571X

World as Lover, World as Self: Courage for Global Justice and Ecological Renewal

by Joanna Macy


● You also will also be required to download, print, and read a number of articles available online in PDF format.




Quotation Journal

See here.


Class Experiments

See here.


Class Attendance

Attendance is mandatory in this course. You are permitted two absences. More than two absences throughout the term will begin to lower this portion of your grade. I will circulate an attendance sheet at the beginning of every class. If you arrive in class after the sheet has been circulated, that will count as 1/2 absence.

You will start out with an A for this grade. Two absences are permitted. A third absence will lower this portion of your grade to a B. A fourth to a C. A fifth to a D. A sixth to an F. Finally, if you miss eight or more classes, you will fail the course in its entirety, regardless of your other performance.


Class Participation

This class will be largely oriented towards group discussion. As a teacher, I am more interested in your ability to engage with the subject matter at a personal level — using the readings and classes to gain greater self-knowledge — than in your ability to memorize facts. Thus I expect you to read the assigned pages before class, and come to the room ready to discuss them.

You will start out with a B- for this grade. If you participate on a regular basis in a way that contributes to the class’ intellectual progress, you will certainly raise this grade. If you speak simply to speak; or if you demonstrate to me on a consistent basis that you have not done the readings, then you can lower this grade.


Make-up Policy.

Late assignments will be accepted only with a documented excuse, or at my discretion. If you think you are going to have trouble turning an assignment in on time, please come and talk to me beforehand. I will often grant extensions for good reasons, but I appreciate the courtesy of being requested for such an extension before the assignment is actually due. I reserve the right to refuse an assignment that is excessively late or has been turned in late without my prior approval.


Special Needs.

If you have a learning disability or any other condition that would require accommodation on my part, or if you will need to miss any classes in order to observe a religious holiday, please come see me as soon as possible.


Academic Integrity.

University policy also requires me to report all cases of suspected plagiarism to the Office of Academic Integrity. You are responsible for understanding what constitutes plagiarism, and for avoiding it: “I didn’t know…” is not an acceptable excuse. If you are unsure how plagiarism is defined, please check ~here~ for guidance.

Students should note that all course requirements are subject to revision at the instructor’s discretion.




Quotation Journal 10%  
Class Experiment #1 25%  
Class Experiment #2 25%  
Class Experiment #3 25%  
Class Participation 10%  
Class Attendance 5%